Mathematical modelling and complex systems analysis
Simulation of PK/PDPKPDsim: a CANDOR simulation subsite for pharmacometrics of antibiotics

Mathematical modelling
and computer simulation
to bring the projects ahead

CANDOR simulation offers consultancy and problem 
solving based on extensive experience in building valid
mathematical models of real-world problems; performing a thorough
model analysis,   − and finally using the gained insight on the original problem.

Methods and tools

The toolbox comprises a series of techniques, in particular for studying dynamical systems, including

− nonlinear analysis of time series
− black box or mechanism-based models
− deterministic or stochastic models
− compartment or agent-based models
− estimation of population parameter distribution
− Monte Carlo simulation
− stability analysis
− sensitivity analysis
− confidence limits and other statistics by bootstrap
− data mining


The model-based problem-solving expertise found in CANDOR simulation is compiled from work on various projects within technical, natural, medical, and public health sciences, product development and logistics. We provide services within e.g.

− uncovering/verification of causal relations
− logistics simulation, capacity analysis ("bottleneck")
− simulation-based process control
− scenario simulation ("what if")
− optimal design of experimental studies
− optimisation in various systems
− probability calculations in "difficult" cases
− epidemics modelling

Please contact us to learn more about our background and to see case examples.

Multidimensional parameter distribution for Monte Carlo population modelling

Bootstrap estimator

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